The Master

Born in Israel, raised in Rome, Ilan Yanizky moved to Japan 30 years ago to dedicate his life to the study of ink painting.

Besides all the important awards he obtained during his impressive career, what strikes me the most about my teacher is his simple approach to painting: ‘I don’t call myself an artist – I am an artisan’, he said to me.

But don’t be fooled by his modesty, because -to put it bluntly- the man knows what he’s doing. Give him a brush, and he will perform his art with perfect movements that look like a dance. He draws with passion yet you perceive a calm and relaxed aura by looking at him.

Today, he showed me how to paint grapes:

If you are interested in the life of Ilan Yanizky, I recommend this beautiful documentary by NHK – it’s entirely in English.

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2 thoughts on “The Master

  1. The way he handles brushes is crazy! He is the Lisa Eldrige of sumi-e ;-D

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